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I didnt know that....

LJ had an iphone app, well in my case, an ipod touch app lol! :)

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Birthday bloggity blog...

I'm abit hungover & sore at the minute but I suppose that's the sign of a good birthday! & It was believe it or not, it was lovely! I spent most of the day with my sister (she's amazing), we shopped till we dropped, had a lovely meal & went to the cinema to see "The Boat That Rocked", which was absolutely AMAZING, the music, the cast, the characters...everything! It was very funny, sweet & quite heartbreaking at times, it was just one of the THE best films I've ever seen, it was brilliant! Go see it if you haven't already...NOW!!! ;)
When I got back, I drunk TOO much wine & had a buffet type meal with me' mum & dad & then went out with a few mates for a drink...didn't get back to around 2ish & I MUST have fell over at one point cos my knees & hands are badly grazed & my arm & ankle is hurting, I don't remember falling or anything..well, there could be a reason for that. lol. >.<
I got aload of lovely stuff too. I got a lovely handbag with a wolf on it, various clothes, cds (I got about 4 Cure albums, woohoo!), dvds (just films, mainly Python related...I GOT BRAZIL JENN!!! hehe! :)), bath sets...some gorgeous birth stone ear-rings off my Mum which look really expensive & I feel awful that she might have paid alot out for them....oh & a little nodding Homer!!! hehe! & I got aload of birthday money too which I should be saving for Blackpool next week but....I'm not...lol. I've already bought a Franz Ferdinand cd & a DS game with it...eeep! I want...no..NEED a Father Ted & One Foot In The Grave DVD too but I might pick them up in Blackpool.
The DS game I bought is awesome though, it's that brain teaser one...profesor layton & the curious village or something like that, it's too cute! But I honestly didn't think that the puzzles would be so hard! lol! Alot of them make me scratch my head in the usual Stan Laurel style fashion. Eiether that or I'm just getting thick in my old age...probably the latter.

So yeah, a good time as had by all! It's been the best birthday for abit cos the past few have been awful lol >.<
All I can do now is wait & see what being 22 holds for me :) *fingers crossed for happy times* hehe!

PS. Thanks to everyone who sent me lovely birthday wishes/comments! I felt very loved! Thank you! *hugs*


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